Sunday, April 22, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB Test Chassis

Here is a new addition to the RE-Xtreme RC Tsunami Spec Chassis Stable.

Full of Bling and Function.

Purchased in this form, It was an original DRB that's been transformed with an SSG conversion and All the CS parts you require.

Titanium screws complement the build.

 Rear features an abundance of options. CS 1.3, 1.5x, 1.8x, 2.0x variations are possible.

Yokomo front and rear alloy hubs and a bunch of alignment setting plates for infinite setting possibilities.

You can notice a small black plate under the main bulkhead. This Kazama item allows for a bigger spur. Variations from 80t ~ up to around 90t

So thats it. I only to to get a small lipo battery holder and it's Complete.

Here is the spec as purchased used.

Black Carbon Chassis and Shock Towers
Hyper Silver Surface Graphite SSG Conversion Chassis and Shock Towers.

Blue Alloy Front Bulkheads in previous and new version
Kazama RC Chassis plate.

Blue Alloy Wide Aluminium front bumper plate. Link
Blue Alloy Aluminium Servo Mount
Blue Alloy Wheel Hub Clamps
Blue Alloy Wheel Lock Nuts (2 spare sets)
Blue Alloy Body Mounts
Titanium Hex Screw set
Titanium Turnbuckles
Alloy Ball joints
New Plastic Ball ends

Drive Train:
Front One Way Axle Link
FCD FULL Options Normal Axle capable of FCD 1.3 and 1.5,
    Blue Alloy FCD 2.0  & FCD 1.8 Rear Rigid Axles
Various FCD Drive Belts
Blue Alloy Tensioner Pulley Link
Blue Alloy Outer Drive Ring
Front Unversal Joints 44 mm.
Spare Tensioner Pulleys

Blue Alloy Steering Block 7 Degree Ackerman Link
Blue Alloy Front C Hub Carrier 7 Degrees Castor Link
Blue Alloy Rear Hub Carrier 0.5 Degrees Toe in Link
Blue Alloy Suspension Mount Set Various Degrees
Titanium Suspension Pins.
Graphite suspension arms.
Alloy Shock SS Size Link
Long Shock Springs (4 sets)

4 different shock Oils

Speed Way Pal Slide Master 37R rims +10
Speed Way Pal Slide Master D9 (work emotion) +7
Carpet Tyres
Grease etc
Spacers and screws
All original parts.
Maybe enough for a DRB-R haha.

And it was all less than a discounted new chassis without upgrades.
To build this would cost about 100,000 yen.

Used was a bargain.

near Identical spec. Currently installed with 2.0x FCD CS drive.  

SSG vs SSG HT chassis

I'll be installing the Street Jam Keyence and Sanwa System from my departing mega TA-06 soon.

This will give me two near identical chassis I can play with side by side for testing various settings.
The only real difference so far I can see is the chassis itself and I have Overdose C Hub Set of similar degree.

Fun times ahead.

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