Friday, April 13, 2012

DRB Straps

I've been watching the DRB belts closely recently.

This path has the belt under a bit of stress. that 90 degree turn on the bearing, is a bit undesirable.

I thought this item wouldn't last much longer. Hanging by a thread kind has a literal meaning.

So... Hmmm. DRB-516B1 + DRB-189B1 3.5mm FCD 1.8  Low Friction Rear Belt and 3.5mm Low Friction Front Belt.

I don't know what makes them think wider belt = low friction... by my calculation, more contact area = more friction. Perhaps the soft brown threads will make the chassis so much faster... haha.

Anyway. turning the drive-train by hand feels a slight improvement in smoothness and I hope durability. Probably something that should have been stock.

Yokomo... are you listening. People don't want to upgrade every freaking component.
If you make a Competition Level Kit. include everything.


  1. is that an rpm sensor mounted near to your spur? what kind of radio are u using? ive been using m11x and mx3x but currently im leaning towards sanwa mt4 due to its affordable price (and it comes with 2 temp. sensor and rpm)

  2. Yes. Sanwa MT4.

    It has loads of features. Steering curve is useful.
    I never use the RPM sensor, but it's cool.

    This radio cost $220 with receiver and sensors. It was amazing value.
    lightweight and much better balance than M11X.

  3. So.. The wider belt seems to work? I have it here as spare for my DRB as the original one was out of stock. Might give it a try next time. I'm amazed that my old belt still hasn't snapped yet. Its worn like nothing I've seen before and its still going :D

  4. It sounds quieter as you can run a little less tension.

    I also tried my version of the rear belt stabiliser today. That seemed ok too.

    I think I could have run it a lot more, I mean the edges fray, but the strands go right through. It would be good for a long time, I'm sure.


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