Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RE-Xtreme RC Yokomo DRB SSG & SSG HT

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB HT Tsunami Spec Demo Chassis and Test Chassis. Which is Which?

It doesn't really matter, they will both offer similar performance. But what it means is that I can play around with settings on the test chassis and then transfer them onto the main chassis once refined.

At the moment differences are visually minimal, but actually there are numerous differences.  The front hubs are just one example.

Steering angle is the same, motor and ESC are the same and at the moment dampers are unknown.

I'm going to start by getting them to feel a bit different. I will take the new chassis in a bit of a wild direction to see what works and what doesn't.

I couldn't really do this before on the TA-06 as changes were completely irrelevant between the two.

The test chassis is currently set up with 2.0x FCD I'm starting at 2.5 degree rear toe in and moving away from that. I've already tried a short size battery in the central position. Hmmm.

I'm already playing with setups and planning things to try. I need to be methodical about it though.

I'm really looking forward to this.

Now the electronics are in, I'll walk you around the chassis. By the way I have already added the 3/4 size battery mount.

In some ways the Test Chassis has more upgrades than my HT chassis.  Titanium Screws, Titanium coated suspension shafts, Front alloy bumper stay.Some bearing upgrades etc.

The Blue Keyence Tachyon ESC matches very well and the Black case 7.5T Keyence Luxon KG always looked good. For now, I'm running 90T Spur and 23T pinion.

I also swapped the Driver's head . The upper deck is slightly different between the HT version also.

Stand by for shakedown test of the tester. haha.



  1. Great chassis, man. Look good together.
    I don't really know where to ask you, so I'll ask here. How do you find the performance of Keyence motor/ESC combo? I am running a Yokomo zero 10.5T motor and Novak GTB2 ESC, so that's probably what I would like to compare keyence with.
    For example, in same 10,5T class, keyence motor has a lot less KV than yokomo. Does it mean that it will have more torque and allow me to drift more steadily on low speeds? ofcorce, I can buy a more mowerfuul motor, like 7,5T or 5,5T, but if I concider participating in the championships, where motors are limited to one class, a difference in 1500kv may be huge..or not?

    And to the ESC. Does Keyence has any significant advantages from the regular ESC like novak, apart from the color, size, motor limit, and cooling features? Something practical and technical? Is a TAO a huge help or Keyence ESC is just good as it is with button set-ups?

    Thank you in advance/.

  2. Low turn motors like 7.5T are pretty much unnecessary on Carpet.
    Polished concrete is also un-necessary.
    On Asphalt where you can schred any tyre for traction, that is about the only place you would need really need it.

    I can't enter a yokomo competition with a 7.5T motor but places like Street Way Pal have open classes where full mods are all the go.

    On carpet, You get massive wheelspin. Other drivers running 10.5T have no problem drifting tandem with exactly the same result.

    I can drive the DRB on about 1/4 throttle on Carpet and have the same performance if I'm very smooth.
    Grip wise with lower CS around 1.5, I think the 10.5 is a good choice.

    But I feel, If you like massive wheel spin and full counter and you want to get the front wheels pulling more and the rears spinning more. Then the extra RPM can accommodate a different final ratio. Drift is a style choice.

    It's not hard to borrow a motor for a session. try it out.

    With Keyence, you can adjust the forward speed to be less anyway.

    The ESC has settings for Brake %, Neutral Brake %, Brake Power (force) and Acceleration Force. The smoothness can be programmed from the slightest touch to a rough engagement. 8 different increments for each setting.

    I'm not too familiar with the US items. the button programming from what I've seen don't have as many setting levels.

    But the big point is the cooling.
    Honestly. it only ever gets slightly warm to the touch.
    this allows you to bury it in the chassis somewhere.

    I've had the Drift Package & Yokomo BL overheat too many times.
    Just when you start having fun. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    The TAO expands the esc to allow a more refined setting.
    the options on the esc itself are limited to about 4 per item
    but the TAO allows from 0~50% in 2% increments in some cases.

    You can also store 3 different user settings on the TAO itself for you favourite surface or chassis without a pc.


    But if you like the massive sound of a mad high revving motor.

  3. Sup dude. Did u care aboutvhelp me with this chassis?


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