Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waru Circuit Battles - By Day

It was my first time to Waru Circuit for Practice and maybe... some tandem.

 I was luckily able to learn the layout without anyone around. The DRB was working well.

Responding to my inputs.

Weight transfer and braking.

Then into some really nice slides

this section of Waru is quite fast, but you'd better turn in early as there is ZERO room for error on this circuit.

Get it right and you can slide deep in the far corner of the main straight.

The straight was by far my favourite, Just wide enough to be real. there's a large board along one side that you can slide the wing along under long braking.

Before turning into a nice radius corner...

and a nice flowing switch-back section.

So how can I drive and have pics like this ?

Luckily "The Tomei, hachi-rocku loving, big Al, Lorenzo" was there to capture my action... Thanks for bringing your camera, but next time bring your "tranny" and I don't mean the transvestite.

I split his pics into two sections. These are the Waru day mode pics. (it was actually dark outside by this time.)

Sometimes you have to avoid some traffic.

And sometimes you pick up some traffic.

I found some company among these guys.


Finding someone for that constant side by side is lucky.

Full attack was possible! I think this was some I've the best driving I've done to date.

I ran countless laps with these guys. Especially this White S15 from "Yokohama Wangan Super Autobacs"

It was a constant 40 minute concentration fest.

mm from the walls and each other at times. Whether running behind or in front.

Or in a DRB triple sandwich

 I was having a ball. By the way Yokomo 4200mAh 3/4 Size battery is awesome!

Giving the other driver just enough room or creating just enough space, is something I've been working on.

twin high speed rear entries... captured!   Photography is just as hard as driving. Allen was doing just as well in the low light conditions.

CS drift! My Pan Speed FC is in a lot of pics. I think the "Spirit of Asamoto" somehow inspires my driving.

やばい! やばい!... that's close!

Check these long entries. I love this part of the track.

These shots were not from two laps, they were from 50 or so. All the same. Tight. We did venture up the top of the track on the expressway section from time to time. But I wasn't confident up there. Yet...

This S14 rides on an Overdose ... DRB. Yes quite the popular choice.

Stay tuned for Night Mode.

Images by Allen Lorenzo.

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