Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RE-Amemiya FC - Build Update #2 White Rush

White on White. Really, colour alredy! yep!

 The North Craft FC became a street car. I didn't really want to upset the lines of this one.

The reason it took so little time is ... Black and White. making for simple masking and application.

However, the details of the lights. transparent Orange and Red are terrible.

I'll give you some advice.... DO NOT USE TAMIYA TRANSPARENT RED OR ORANGE, unless the under lying paint is is HARD and FULLY DRY. They mix with the previous layers and seep through. the rear of this car may not be photographed... it's like a red med.

I got some N model +9 in chrome for this, but the white on white may be used.

I can never decide.


  1. so, what exactly did you paint with Transparent orange and red?
    why didn't you use Tamiya X-series lacquer?

  2. Just the indicators and brake lens.
    looks good. I should have masked it I guess instead of relying on the paint for mask.

    haha. I don't care.


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