Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RE-Xtreme FC Attack in Max One - Part #2

I installed the lights on the body and OMG! This FC is off the charts! Cool! Yes! Definitely!

I also opted for the White on white for drivability. The necessity to see the wheel angle is always a reality.

This body as also mounted super low. I raised it a little so I could get +9 on the front and +12 on the rear. It's always my preferred DRB setup. But today I ran this on both DRB. 1.8x SSG HT and 2.0x SSG. The new chassis took a few attempts to get to what I like but now I have something a little wilder that the HT chassis. I'll enjoy playing around. 

In any case. the driving lights are cut from Yokomo Supra headlamps but the extra chrome really creates an awesome effect. the headlights look like HID in comparison. Samurai Colour matched Yokomo light buckets also installed. The result is one that I'm very happy with.

Max One really is an awesome setting. RC world magazine featured it on the cover last month.

You can always find a new spot.

Or play around.

Refelctions galore. A lot of the ABC hobby body line tape has already scratched off from tapping walls. I rarely have big accidents these days. but there's always a car to T-Bone. hehe.

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