Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RE-Amemiya FC - Build Update #4 Detail Time

RE-Amemiya FC + Alpha

The FC design is an early 80's machine. But I think this looks very modern.

Some new details include.

Full Bride interior Trim (still needs a dash)

Chin spoiler and side skirts. (To be attached.) I ran out of body line tape...Damn.

White front light buckets and silver fog lights and rear light buckets with tinted rear (don't look at the bumper)

White wheels are cool, but I've already tried the TE37 in Bronze and they look uber cool!

To be completed.


  1. I very much like the Bride interior idea. Great thinking Russ!

  2. Looks good hey!

    I have a Custom one in the Panspeed car too.

    If you have clear windows, it's better of course.


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