Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yokomo 275 Powervehicles Chaser Update#10 Dashing the JZX

Lets make a race style dash.

all you need is some lexan off cuts (or a piece of clear plastic sheet.) 

A d1 dash is simply folded alloy, so my dash is simply folded Lexan. I used one of the body wheel cutouts as it had a raised section I could use for a dash hood. Double sided tape to add the hood in position.

you can see another example here.

Mounting... Unfortunately the steering wheel is very close to the DIB spur.

I remember why I don't like DIBs. I'm just lucky that these 275 bodies are high!

to install the dash... here is a little trick I found quite useful. Before I paint, I mark the points for the wipers and drill the holes. they "pop" in place and hold the dash pretty securely. I have a cutout for the imitation cage.

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