Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday Session

Well, I can't resist the magnet of slide. Gotta use my stuff.

I took 3 chassis for a bit of fun. This Drift Package has mounted my D1 Stlye "Asamoto FC"

I enjoyed some cool power battles. My drift package is an awesome state right now. CS 2.0 but capable of fast and slow drift, quick transitions, long slides and I'd say it has the best feel of my three cars right now.

I also took the JZX on my DIB275 which is now at CS 2.3 and will over-steer from 0.1% throttle. But it has a bit too much traction and doesn't like to hold extended slides. So I picked up some old spares from a friend to increase the weight in the chassis. Stay tuned for this. 

Lot's of tandem play all night.  DPM in Use

Had some good runs with this little beasty... handbrake? 

bad photography was the call. 

Background you can see some tuning happening.

must apologise to all the guys though. My magnets weren't strong enough on the JZX and the body was popping off at every small collision. But I think I managed some good tandem with this.

Against the AE86, this looks perfect.
Against some Supras... looks like the supra should be bigger.

While the chrome looks fantastic... there is also a tragedy to the body.... A ghost JZX is born... stay tuned.

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