Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yokomo 275 Powervehicles Chaser Update#8 - Mount.

Awesome is awesome. Mounted and almost ready. (at least for a test.)

Mounted on magnets in the wide position. Unfortunately this is completely different to the Mark X, so I can't hot swap.

Red head on the driver.

chrome fails again. as soon as there is any pull on the inside of the body, it pulls the chrome off. This was the result of drying goo. but I don't care. I'm gonna go hard with this one. and as you can or can't see, in all the other pics it looks perfect.

This is all good from ten meters away.

So.. Wheel options

Top Line N Model 2, "Advan GT"

Top Line N Model "Rays Nismo LM4".... very aggressive. I also have blue and white versions of this rim.

M's M-type "Advan TC3"

Prodrive GC05

 Work Genosis "Rays whatever"

I like these on the beast as the spoke matches the body design.

RE-Xtreme + Powervehicles Yokomo DIB 275 JZX100 D1 Chaser with Kazama Auto + Kunny'z

To do list.

LED and Dash.


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