Monday, April 15, 2013

DRB Options. Kazama knuckles - Updated

 Some new options for my DRB/DIB combos.

Kazama DRB front adjustable offset knuckle. This is designed to allow different scrub radius combinations.

I'm thinking of testing these on my DRB with Yokomo lower castor block.

Kazama rear hub (red) has many more positions for lower arm position and Upper arm position.
It can be used for slight active camber changes on suspension rise.

I've installed these and mounted the upper arm right inside the rim for more active camber. 

 more testing with different RC926 spring rate combos will continue.


  1. Just a warning. Those kazama knuckles bottom out on the lower blocks, also when used with spacers for clearance the lower block hinders movement alot. I already have them and did a type-c style conversion in order for them to work properly. Check my silver club drb thread on the driftmission forum for details :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    I found that also, I will use them on my Rear Wheel Drive Project with Type C front sus.

  3. There is a soultion for this thing. You have to use a threaded kingpin + a small spacer for the knuckles to work perfectly with 0 play. I will make a post about it

  4. Can i have the link where to order those? Been working on rwd drb..

  5. I recommend Super Rajicon.


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