Sunday, April 21, 2013

RE-Xtreme RC Yokomo Drift Package 2 Wheel Drift Project

I am happy to announce a new project chassis.

RE-Xtreme RC Yokomo Drift Package 2 Wheel Drift Project 

While this is more about the chassis, there will be a new FD3s in the pipeline, but that will come later.
This will start as a raw plastic chassis with a later upgrade to a full suite of bling.

Basic elements
Yokomo Drift Package
    Type B rear
    Type C front
Wrap Up Next Kondo Custom alloy front lower Y arm
Wrap Up Next Type C lower arm spacer.
TN Racing Front Upper arm support
RE-Xtreme front gearcase. (tower support)
Team Suzuki Steering Arms
Kazama adjustable front steering knuckle
Yokomo alloy rear hub

I will be transferring current electronics from my SSG drift package, until it can be replaced with new components later in the year.

Sanwa M12
Sanwa SRG-BLX Servo
Accuvance Keyence Airia + turbo ESC
Accuvance Keyence Luxon KG 13.5T


  1. Why not Wrap-Up FR-D?

  2. FR-D has some points I don't like.

    1. long route for motor wiring.
    2. 1 million holes in the chassis.
    3. complex gear box
    4. limited parts availability.
    5. expensive. (still need a drift package)

    eventually I plan to use a Ject Racing JC-120 chassis.
    but for now, I will just try it all out with an old tweaked drift package.


  3. Dependent or independent front suspension?

  4. How about a quad shock, semi-dependent front setup and a hitman style dependent rear?

    That should give you some rear rolling grip and some much needed weight up front.

    You might want to raise the roll center at the rear to give yourself some negative (positive for RC) camber gain as well. Just to get a bit more rear end grip.

    1. I'm going to try and keep it close to stock, before I go nuts with mods.
      I know there is a lot of stuff out there, but I want to build it as simple as possible as a guide.

      I'm not sure where I need weight yet. It will be a test machine work in progress for a while.

      A lot of people running heaps of weight in the rear. I think it's all personal preference as usual.

  5. I'm in.. now running a rwd drb.. will share input of my finding.. nothing custom yet.. can do long brush and feint but spun out at clipping point.. i try to put weight on rear end and the result it has more traction and less likely to spun at clipping point and more controllable.. but my setup is far from perfect.. just experimenting a little bit.. and i don't use gyro..

    1. nice web site... solid mediawork.

      I have a friend in Japan running 2wd Drift package.

      I will not be ready for a couple of weeks. But i think I can get something happening.

  6. i like this livery alot russ. good job bud

    1. Yes, but can we make it. Maybe I will get a detailed mask cut and do it all in airbrush. Yikes!


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