Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yokomo 275 Powervehicles Chaser Update#4 - Paint


Details to come.

You never really know if it worked or not until you reach the moment of the truth.

Then you can admire all the hard work... 4 hours of masking, 4 hours of cutting and a few more of painting.

I did a little test with black backing or white. The PS1 white popped a lot more. Then PS60 red backed for interior and matching paint.

I'm glad I went with the chrome... The mad reflections hide imperfections although the peeling of paint is already starting. these two paint types are incompatible.

I'll let it dry a LONG time (5 deays ) before I finish the interior details.

But I'm already pumped to complete it.


  1. カッコいいですよ!




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