Monday, April 8, 2013

Wheel Showroom

Time for some new rims. Here are some favorites and some new instant favorites.

3 new purchases.

Top Line N Model 26mm +12 in White.
Top Line N Model 2 28mm +6 in Matt Silver.
M's Products M-Type 27mm +10 in Chrome.

Top Line are by far my favourite rims. Their simple 5 spoke design suits everything. They are insanely strong and cope with abuse.

Recently having painted a few of my older white rims, I just needed to replenish my stock.

Simple and effective. +12 will spend most of their time on the S14. 

So why did Top Line make these N-Model 2? Well they are 28mm wide which has a few benefits.

1. When you mount the tyre, you get a 2mm exposed lip much like the exposed rim of a stretched tyre. If you use the new RC ART Stretch tyres you will have an awesome effect.

2. With max offset at +6, you can still achieve a wider look without effecting the scrub radius too much as the tyre is mounted on the inner side.

3. the wheel simply looks wider so you effectively have the +12 looking lip on a +6 rim.

4. They look less like the Rays Nismo rim and more like the Advan GT

Nice. These really suit the Blue FC Above.

In a similar way, these M-type wheels are 27mm, which exposes a 1mm lip. 

They have a nice Advan TC III look to them so I think they will change to a smoked chrome spoke eventually...

 But for now... I think they have found their home.


  1. Ah sweet, finally someone who has the M types :) Can you tell me if where the tire sits offset wise? Is the tire at 10mm offset and the wheel sticking 1mm outside that (giving a 11/12mm offset look), of does the outside of the wheel sit the same as any other 10mm offset wheel and the tire like on a 9mm offset wheel.

    I switched to 9mm offset wheels recently so I need to refill my wheel stock, and the M-types have been on my wishlist for a long time but I'm afraid they are too wide.

  2. Not sure yet.

    I had to restock all mine too. I just get bored though... haha.

    I believe the inner position should still be the same as a normal +10.
    I have some Kazama FXR I can measure against.

    I am recently using 3mm hubs so the 10mm is wherever it fits??

    1. All I need to know is if I could run the +10 M-type wheels on my car, if a normal +9mm wheel is the max. offset I can fit. If the rim sticks out more its ok, but if the tire sits 1mm further outward it rubs on the body and lightbuckets.

    2. No. the rim is +10. If I run Kazama +10 the tyre is the same position.
      the wheel extends an extra mm.

      If i run a Top line +9 with a 1mm spacer the tyre is in the same position.

      So you can run a 1mm smaller hub and the +10. That's the same.

    3. Thanks for the info! The M-type won't work for me then. Needs to be a quick change, so switching out the hub is not an option even though its only 1 screw. I'll stick to my Topline Mars and Jupiters, and my newly acquired Enroute WedsSport's.

    4. too bad. they are nice.

      Have you seen the new RC-Art tyres with stretched edges?

      I did a tutorial for others with many pics. you just need the pics.

  3. yeah, seen them. They are nice.. I've been driving on some RC-art tires in France last week and they handled great! Just as consistent as T-drifts, only slower. But as our competition is 'sponsored' by Yokomo we're stuck with the crappy R2 tires unfortunatly.


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