Thursday, April 4, 2013

RE-Chassis Cleanup.

 Sometimes, that little extra, makes it so much better.

in my last post, I tested a liquid electrical tape that proved to be pretty good. It removes the blue,brown orange wire and red, white, black color combos by coating the wire with a thin flexible rubber "skin".

You can see the servo wire, fan wire and ESC wire coated with it.

My first attempt on the capacitor was not good in this picture, but I simply peeled it off and redid it smoothly. 

The end result is a black out effect on the servo wires that hide nicely in the chassis. I still need an aerial tube on this one.

This was the DIB before. these plugs with soldered ends are hardly visually pleasing and those servo and Esc wires were also terrible. 

So a quick strip was in order and all wires coated.

 Motor connectors covered.

Note, I install the receiver on the side of the servo for easy access, but I needed quicker access to the Keyence ESC interface, So I now have a Y lead installed for simple updates via the TAO.

This magnified effect through the camera always gives ugliness.

but the normal size effect is very pleasing.

My DRb has Active silver wire sleeves, so it may or may not get this upgrade.

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