Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RE-DP Tsunami Spec "R" - Ackerman

Ok then, this is a test of type B suspension with massive angle for Rear wheel drift.

I cleaned up a few more plastic items, then fabricated a new bar to replace the stock steering link. I extended the steering arms and tried a bunch of different positions on the kazama knuckles.

I have yokomo 10 degree castor blocks in this test. I had some old drift package arms so, I tried them in the reverse direction with KPI also, so I may continue that next time. but it requires drilling another hole in the suspension arms for the castor pins.

I had these team suzuki low damper position extenders I wasn't using so they ended up extending the team suzuki arms.Wheels are +12 so there's pleanty of clearance and they still fit inside the S14 Silva

I haven't measured the angle, but it's pretty impressive. about 80 degrees  on the lead wheel and about 70 degrees on the trailing. The main problem with this setup is scrub radius. But I think I can fix it with these kazama knuckles. just need some trial and error and patience.

steering component angle, clearance and movement are all linked. so it takes a while to set up.

I'm looking forward to the type Wrap Up and Type C mods, But i think I'll progress with this for a while and at least test it.

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