Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yokomo Kunnyz Chaser 275 Update#3 - PV Livery

Well the progress continues.  Big job today... masking.

I had to get a mask cut at the local signwriter, because even this simplified design is too intricate for hand cutting.

But of course vinyl masks are not perfect. Why doesn't anyone stock Tamiya mask sheet blanks in this country?

Because this stretch mask doesn't have much tack. I had to spray from a distance and hope for the best in the corners and panel lines. Bleeding is an issue.

The last thing is the colour. Now I have the bright metallic red done, I'm thinking Chrome will work better than white. Sponsor labels will not show up well on the chrome, but I think I might risk it for overall impact.

While I work on this JZ.

My GRX is still close by. While it looks pretty damn good. I just wish I had my full sticker set available. But another month might see some action.

I've got my new RC926 twin spring sets (1.3). I'll be testing these soon. So many combos to test.

I'll be changing the head on this guy soon too. Red is the theme of course.

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