Sunday, April 28, 2013

JZX100 - Ghost in the Shell

Cue horror music, This JZX will kill!

 This is what happens when you follow the directions on the can for a paint that supposedly is designed for RC polycarbonate application.

If, you never stuck anything inside to re-inforce the body... maybe, just maybe it might be oK. my previuos attempt was much better.  Tamiya red sticks perfectly.

But somehow, this one just didn't work.

I guess... silver application will be in order.


  1. Oh man... that must have been annoying. All that time that went into the shell, only to have the paint of all things fail on you >.> the chrome looked great too...

  2. It's OK... I have no regrets...
    It means I can try something else too... double action.

  3. Mr Russ would it still happen if you had two or maybe three layers of white as a backup color

  4. Chrome paint is allmost imposible to get stuck on the lexan body.
    Mine got loose on my S15 Before it got finished.

  5. it was packed.

    I've tried Atlas chrome which was better, but it didn't have the brightness of this.

    I think... I wouldn't recommend it.

  6. Ok because some french guys use "Spaztix" chrome paint


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