Monday, April 8, 2013

Yokomo Kunnyz Chaser 275 Update#1

This one is going to be mad!

The starting point is this Good Year Racing Kunnyz Chaser JZX100 Long Wheelbase 275mm body

The body comes with Kunnyz rear wing, some polycarbonate front canards and standard Yokomo exhaust and accessory pack

Other accessories will include, Yokomo Light Bucket Set and 12LED Active light pack, HPI FMIC and some more as I go.  

I am very very happy with the basic shape. It looks perfect.
The Kunnyz Chaser has an aggressive front over fender and a rear over fender panel that leads from the rear door to the back of the car. The front bunper already has a nice lip and the bonnet has twin heat outlets and the only minor bad part is the deep vent in the bonnet that will force me to use a different mounting system. maybe even normal posts in the wide position will be needed.

It's cut out already... but thats in the next post.

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