Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIB 275 Chassis BLING!

This is Bling with a purpose!

these parts hardly weigh a thing.

Weight and rigidity are gained with these.

These were used items. but still look as good as.

Team Suzuki lower alloy arms and Kazama rear knuckle.

Along with Yokomo DIB Upgrade 1&2. Now the Model Garage screws are poppin'

I still have the deck raised 3mm.

I mounted the ball end right inside the wheel. this gives a little better camber response.

Front is still set up with the CS. 2.3 gears and the red tensioner.

Droop is a little bit of an issue as the knuckles touch on full lock, so it is set within tollerance.

underneath looks stock, but weighs a lot more.

I don't like too much weight in front of the front bumper however, so I usually run like this with the stock item. Magnets.. unavoidable I guess.

This has now transformed into a heavy weight. it feels a lot like my Drift package. so should have a bit more length to it's slide.

I think the only thing I would do is swap this Dokyo Speed Passion for a Keyence Luxon KG with a red can.
The 10.5T is a decent setup.

pretty enough.

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