Sunday, April 28, 2013

RE-DP Tsunami Spec "R" - Project Start

What is the Spec "R"? Maybe DPR?

That's rear wheel drive only, so there's a lot to convert.

First... throw away the shaft!

At the moment I have this cheap drift package as a stating point.

It has FCD1.5x gearset and one way, that will become spares for my other Drift Package. The 10 deg Yokomo castor blocks and DPM knuckles will also become spare.

Type C front suspension will be installed with my Kazama knuckles
I'll be using Wrap up next lower Y arms,
TN Racing lower arm extensions,
TN racing Upper arm pin holders

Team suzuki type 2 steering arms are about all that will remain from here.  

The Type B rear will remain although an Active Link rear suspension is underway,
The stock fixed spur gear is ready to be replaced.

SS shocks and decent turnbuckles. Leftover SSG parts have been swapped as the rear suspension tower.

Electrics might be a while longer.

Motor, Keyence Luxon 13.5T
ESC, Keyence Airia + Turbo 
Servo, Sanwa SRG-BL series

don't expect this to be finished quickly. It's definitely going to be a work in progress for a long time.


  1. Are you going to use a gyro?

  2. If the weight distribution and suspension is set correctly up, you do not need the gyro. Steering control is also very important.

    Which do you like going to any of the rocker arm to be used for (semi-) active setup? Please be careful when use one of 90 degrees so that you do not hit the shock them.

  3. I will use

    0020-FD 近藤カスタム足 インテリジェンス Y アーム Type-C(2.5mm/ シルバー)

    and Type C top.

  4. I meant rockers for semi-active suspension.

    Many people who use the Tamiya TA06 type to connect the suspension, but this can be problems of hitting the shocks, unless the ball links are spaced which lead to geometry change.


  5. no, I will try basic Upright shock first.
    maybe later I will try front rocker.


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