Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drift Inspired

Time for a re-fresher.

You know, I usually post these inspiration shots on the RE-Xtreme RC facebook page. but I though it was time for a bit of reflection and re-energise the coolness of Real Drifting and JDM car culture. Obviously, it's what most readers of this blog would rather be doing if they had more cash.

I'm a huge Rx-7 fan, having owned 5 of them over a 15 year period. 2x FC and 3x FD. Suenaga, Suzuki, Izumi, both of the Imamuras and others are drivers I have followed for a long time.

Suzuki's Black machine.

Samurai Immamura's sandmaster.

Suzuki's BN Sports Phase of his career saw some amazing cars from BN Sports.

The Hoshino FC3s was also a stunner.

 Yoichi Imamura won a few things.

That inspired a movie or two.

But there was a lot more to the drift scene.

Some big stars

Fly the "flag" of sorts

and others just Fly.

Daigo Psycho has become one of the modern super stars!

 But you can't knock on the Nob. (or the orange boys in the background, Tanaka and co)

 For me, the rotaries always will have a soft spot.

And we all have our heroes that inspire us to do crazy things.

chase your dreams. Even if they are 1/10th the size. 

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