Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wheel Choices

This may be a reflection on my own style, but having lived in Japan for 10 years and being around the tuning car scene, the drift / time attack style has definitely got inside my head.

My selection of RAYS wheels no doubt aligns with my like of Japan's ultimate wheel company.  

However some of favourite designs are those of Advan and Enkei, but their cast mouldings often have people crying about that as inferior.

In the RC world. My TOP LINE selection comprises and has comprised of more that a dozen sets of MARS Fighters and others of varying offset. Maybe the olympic gold medal wheel of RC. hehe.

I always find myself coming back to these.

a simple color change is just a quick change away.

Here is a tip for beginners. White wheels will help you improve. Visibility of steering angle can help those eyes.

No matter ho many wheels you try, personal preference is a fickle thing. love or hate. While I love Yokomo products, their shallow offset wheels often stop me purchasing from their wheel range.  These "Yokomo Style" Enkei wheels unfortunately are copies with a deeper offset.

So what about the JZX. D1 competitor and JZX tuner Kazama Auto exist in the RC arena, so perhaps I should run their FXR wheel. 

Or perhaps the Rays Gram Lights Ultimate as were sponsored to their D1 Lexus.

in 2012 Powervehicles ran TE37SL so these Spice wheels could be used. but somehow don't really match the chrome.

This year they switch to Gram Lights 57D-R in black, so I tried on these super wide monsters

I'm just lucky I can have this many choices for relatively little money. Choose wisely.


  1. Your JZX make my nose bleeding!.Superr cooooool colour theme!


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