Friday, June 20, 2014

Drift Package Drift Master Update

The Drift Package Drift Master is in the build phase.

While there are still some items I want to add to this machine over time, the basics are there.

Carbon chassis, Alloy Bulkheads, Team Suzuki Lower arms.

Rear FCD2.0 gearset

Kazama sus tops (need to get the lower section upgraded.) 

Yokomo front knuckles with 7,10 or 12 deg options to play with.

But the steering is in the decision phase, hence the omission. Slide rack??? R31?

as is the front gearing... see below.

I've replaced most of the + head screws with hex but there's still a few that need specific length items. 

It won't take long to finish this off.  just Money! haha!

just have to decide what to do in the front.

Drift Package gearsets are.

Stock 40-17 - 17 - 40

FCD 2.0 40-17 - 17-20

Yokomo are releasing a couple of new gearsets for the front so you can under drive.

FCD 2.6 40-13 - 17-20

 Spice and others make smaller sets for the front that when matched to a rear set really open up the possibilities..

FCD 2.8 40-12 - 17-20
FCD 3.0 40-11 - 17-20
FCD 3.4 40-10 - 17-20 I think this might be nice.

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