Sunday, June 15, 2014

GCRC Sunday Cruise

It's getting hard to puck a shot for the cover of each blog post. The new evolution circuit allows for awesome photography and the level of driving is also off the charts.

We've moved the burned out Z33. Trees have started growing through it.

Smokey is still on track, But he can't catch us.

Especially not when we are equipped with this kind of machinery.

My D1 spec machines are performing very well. Now dialled in. The battles have been awesome.

The only thing is... Asamoto can't battle himself. Asamoto FC and Asamoto FD shall never meet.

Plenty of spots to rest.  But enough rest... let's battle!

Even the newer members of the GCRC crew are starting to pick up the Counter Steer feel quickly. 

Be Smooth on the steering. try not to return to centre. Keep the lock on and drive on throttle.

Going pretty damn hard, these things happen.

A lot of super close battles today.

Silvias of course represent.

Some very very very tight tsuiso.

with some very good continuous 5-way action.

at this kind of spacing.

There will also be some fantastic footage from RCTECHNODRIFT , so stay tuned.

but when you follow too close to the chase car... these things happen.

Will it drift... maybe?

Nut not like this! Awesome!

Sliding style. Need those drivers boys. complete the look.

 Late in the day, My FC and the Track Owner's Blue FD were hitting some awesome lines.

GCRC Evolution Circuit is proving to be absolutely fantastic.

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