Saturday, June 14, 2014

Super Slide Session

A lot of visitors are checking out the new layout. This is also a different beast of a layout for us locals also.

Extra space brings speed. What is your weapon. 86 4AGE Street / Track, Skyline 500hp RB26Dett Street tune or RE13BT 550hp Turbo D1 Spec.

In RC, things vary also, I'm playing around with crazy setups, while others haven't changed a thing.

The High CS image still dominates. 3.0 seems like a sweet spot.

5050 still handles the challenge.

A lot of variety adds to the fun.

I ran the Pan Speed Asamoto FD on a couple of chassis today. 2.2cs and 4.4cs versions. Which do I prefer... While the 2.2 was a lot more forgiving, the 4.4 just adds that extra dynamic. 

Had some nice tight moments with this machine.

sliding nicely.

Park on the wall...

Slide on the wall. GCRC's new layout rocks!

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