Tuesday, June 17, 2014

GCRC is the BOMB!

You never know what will turn up at GCRC.

This D-Like 86 has been water dip bombed. Pretty cool result even if the surface is not silky smooth.

Hono Circuit USA represent. And then there's some small custom number plates. 3d machined and fenders pinned. 

I'm loving the imagery around the circuit. It really makes for different camera angles.

I've started to decorate the fences with some sponsor logos. First up is D1 and some Kazama Auto. 

And some of my own of course, along with the preparation for the debut of the Muruman Dorifuto Project.

While I may have naming rights on this corner, there's about 200 meters of fence still to go. If you count the inside and outside, there's probably more.

This low cost MST is evolving from RTR to High CS. Can't wait for some Side x Side with my RE-86

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