Friday, June 27, 2014

RE-Xtreme Mid Year Checkpoint.

Time to checkpoint the DRB chassis sets

Red  :  RE-DRB OD SSG Samurai CS Spec 3.0 17.5T

Silver : RE-DRB OD SSG Typhoon CS Spec 2.0 17.5T

Blue : RE-DRB CSG Tsunami CS Spec 4.89 7.5T

All are the same, yet slightly different.

Red runs modified yokomo front c-hubs and old bridge, OD motor mount and red alloy sus arms. 2.0 rear pulley

This is my street style chassis

Silver rund Overdose KPI C-Hubs and OD Steering . 1.5 rear pulley

This is my COMP style chassis.

Previously 4.44 but now 4.89. The blue test machine is mostly Yokomo. It has the Type C front end and complemented by wrap up upper A arms parts and the Kazama motor mount completes the chassis.

Overdose decks.

looking pretty.

Outside, I'm running these bodies a lot.

Pan Speed FC on the Silver DRB. Pan Speed FD on the Blue DRB and Black FD on the Red machine. 

They have all been well and truely punished on track.

But still hold a great on track image.

Now off to the track.


  1. God, that's a great looking lineup man. Love it.
    Should finish the Pan Speed family with a Pan Speed RX8 :P


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