Friday, June 6, 2014

Fried ^@%#$^@ Friday

Hu Haaa! San-Yon!

Good to see new machines on track, but it almost takes the focus away from other awesome sliding.

Of which there was a lot.

Slide by Slide,  side by side

 Lot's of mini tandems and triples,

4 door battles!

New bodies are new targets.

R31 in the house!

If you do have to take the in clip, might as well do it right! This was not a crash. Ride the ripple.

Tommi Makinen Drift Prototype now in new capable hands.

This is a Yokomo DRB @ 4.5CS

not much 4WD action in play here. 4.5 revolutions on the rear to 1 front revolution.

90 degree entries until 9pm.

Friday session over. I'm Fried!!!!!

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