Sunday, June 22, 2014

GCRC "GUN" Sunday Session

Definitely a street tune feel to today's drift session. 

However the street tune performance is just in image only 800hp Battle Skylines

Fighting with 550hp FD3s and more. What an afternoon in the Sun!

With the new imagery at GCRC Raceway, I can't choose just one opening shot anymore.

There's always new stuff to see. wrap Up Next AE86 with MST rims and nice rotors. I had to use my headlights to highlight the purple green candy flip paint. Yummy!

 I found some nice angles to shoot from today.

depending on the lighting, you get a totally different shot selection.

With the boys up in the 3.5 CS range these days. The difference between RWD and CS is somewhat blurred. No-one knows what you are running until you take off the shell.

These Advan RS style rims never really show the real wheel speed.

But on the slower corners you definitely can see the difference as the rears spin up 3.5x faster than the front. 

There was a lot of this today... only my FD was usually jammed in between these two.

Can't shoot your own car.

Soon after, I noticed my FD on track. Good to get some action shots!!!! woo hoo!

the black stealth machine stalking the track.

We spy a challenger! RWD FXX AE86!

Target confirmed                                -----(+)-----      Lock on

Battle time. 

RWD vs CS vs RWD... all cool!

This particular chassis is only CS 3.0. Often confused for Rear wheel drive as the front grip adds to the rear wheel drive image.

Plenty of players today.

 I'll add these bad images to the end of this post.

 I might need to buy a new camera.... Hmmm Spend money on Photography or RC. That is  a dilemma.

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