Friday, June 27, 2014

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB CSG CS Spec 4.9

Boo-Yah! DRB now at CS 4.89. Front 17% rear 83% Motor 7.5T ... Now for the testing.

Increased the front puilley from 40T  to 44T

Now 44 - 9 - 20 - 20 pinion 19-90 spur Motor 7,5T  Power response, control, steering angle and a bit of bling

Damn red central mount... need to change.

I had a close look at why the last belt failed. the entire inside was rubbing against the steering rack.

The solution! Both sides needed mods because the front pulley is so large, I had to file the shock tower and the steering rack on the other side..

44- 9 with 189 belt. check that clearance.... perfect.

Next mod. carve this chassis into a custom spec OD like chassis.


  1. Interesting build, once you go this high in CS ratios, you really begin to get some similar handling characteristics of RWD cars. I'm thinking you'll be hitting RWD with one of your chassis soon ^^)b

    1. Can't really go any higher. It's diminishing returns from here. 40T-44T only changed 2% bias. I hate my RWD at the moment. I love love love this thing.

  2. i converted my sakura d3 to rwd with a gyro. I find it a lot more rewarding. Plus i find that a lot of my parts last longer.I don't chew up belts now, no need for front axles,and my front tires last a long time.

    1. I have a RWD. There are pros and cons for both. The "driving experiece" is the biggest thing for me so CS will remain for a while.


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