Monday, June 23, 2014

Za Muruman Dorifuto Project - 98% Complete.

I must say, I am mightily impressed with how this worked out.

Scale work in Lexan is not easy. You have to be so precise when you cut and shut.

One of the final things i added was this under bonnet mural. Just one more feature.

So the spec list is.

D-Like S13 (BN Sports) body shell
Pandora RC inner set and interior for Silvia
Pandora RC SR20 engine bay.
Custom magnet panel mounts.
D-Magic Light Buckets
Yokomo Yukes EVO8 Parts Set includes
     "Cusco" 3d Wing with modified end plates, Wipers and Ganador style Mirrors
.RSG. Design "BG" wing stays.
.RSG. Design "BG" front frame supports.
.RSG. Design D1SL Muruman Livery 
.RSG. Design detail sticker set.
ABC Hobby body line tape 

Custom interior rear panels including rear shelf
Custom Dash
Custom cage
Custom Number plate.
Custom Tow hook set.
Tamiya fire extinguisher
GT Power light kit with flash unit.
6 light LED installed.
Custom rear removable light buckets
Spice TE37SL wheels +9 Offset custom painted.

Temporarily mounted on Speed Way Pal display frame.
To be mounted on MST XXX-D VIP shaft drive.

 Removable rear light bucket. One of the challenges with restricted space available. These can be easily unplugged to show the rear detail.

While I reluctantly used the D-Like photo-realistic sticker. The result is still pretty nice and even better when illuminated.

 Where will the body be used?

GCRC Raceway.

Be prepared for a FULL photoshoot on location.

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