Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GCRC Mid Week Matsuri - Groupies

Good to see some ol' friends tonight. 

It always starts with one. This S14 looking the business.

Soon joined by a few more.

S14 Lineup.

Then add a couple of fat S13s

to make a nice line up.

rearranged for display.

add in a couple of FDs. Red Rx7 is a Purists "No Gyro" DPM and my Overdose 3.0 DRb. 

 Joined by our NZ buddy's DIB. Had fun tonight.

Lets face it... any line of JDM drift machines is cool.

 What do Han Solo and Darth Vader have in common. Hmmmm? I don't know.

New track addition is pretty cool. 1/10 scale Digger is awesome.

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