Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Za Muruman Dorifuto D1SL S13 Debut @ GCRC

 Za Muruman Dorifuto D1SL S13 Project Debut @ GCRC. Muruman-san wa Ureshii Deshita!

Even though it was 9pm and the light was not really there.

I wanted to get some shots in front of the matching Muruman Dorifuto sponsored section of GCRC.

The S13 takes on a number of different looks that some like and some don't. And that's the beauty of something like this. 

You can make it look very different very quickly. This is the owner's preferred (as designed) image.

With the bumpers and fenders off, exposing the raw metal of the exhaust and rear BG wing stays as well as the intercooler, creates an aggressive image.

Adding the front bumper support and fenders, you get the smooth, smaller and rounded "sans bumper" image.

And back to the longer, lower and sleek, full BN Sports aero package with M-Sports canard and splitter set.

Want more impact? Remove the bonnet and expose the engine bay. SR20 Power, Nismo intercooler and Radiator, Nismo Oil Cooler and HKS detail parts.Cusco strut bar and Ohlins Sus.

I left some of the engine bay gloss to make it pop a little more.

The image is based around the 2nd tier "Privateer" D1 Street Legal East Japan Series.

Number plate is "Shinagawa 300 Ma-S13"

Until I mount it on the target MST XXX-D, It's on display in the GCRC display case.

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