Saturday, June 21, 2014

GCRC Saturday Twighlight Drive.

RE-Xtreme Midnight Club Replica. Pandora+Stage D Fd3s over Yokomo DRB (Red Version) + Overdose Chassis tuned to CS 3.0.

My battle partner for this evening is a full tune MST FXX-D Rwd + Skyline aka "The Cupboard".

Could it get any cooler? not much.

As the sun disappeared this afternoon, the track darkened and our lights dominated the scenery.

I fitted some slower tyres to the FD3s and focussed on fun. There was no speed and no one else around but it was super super close as we drove the reverse direction at GCRC.

I lost count of the number of awesome tandem runs.

Was there a winner. Yes! BOTH. 

RE-Xtreme Hairpin has been getting a workout.

 Stay tuned as GCRC Raceway Drift Course still has massive plans in the works...

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