Sunday, June 29, 2014

GCRC Raceway. The place for Drift.

A lot of action today in my 5 hour drift fest.

Trying to get some trains running.

With some pretty good results. At the front is our least experienced member. 

In a train, we don't need so much pressure so good spacing created some nice laps. 

High Speed entries.

A little tighter in the slow sections.

Allows for an awesome spectacle and great fun for us.

6 or seven cars playing along.

I hate looking at pictures like this however, because it makes me spend money. A little more angle on this chassis is required. I've been putting off that Type C front end for my red DRB. But it might be time.

 Most situations, like this above, look good but the high speed section needs more angle. 

BIG SHOUT to Mr Frener for the shots.

When he grabs the camera I never know what I'll get. 

But it's always pretty good.

And when he starts playing with settings. Things get better.

Hello Kitty on RED Overdose DRB.

I like this shot a lot. The line is right for this corner.

This position yields great shots.

High or Low. 

Now here comes the creative stuff on "M" for Manual mode.

This shot was good.

But a little post processing zoom / crop brings out the beast in action.

High Speed slide by.

After I got my camera back, I only needed a few shots. Come and join the fun.

Slide Slide Slide

 I spotted this Odyssey gripping a little to much giving the owner trouble.

The issue. It was running on Drift Daddy tyres. They really "jump" on GCRCs surface, leaving a trail of little black plastic dots around the track.

I loaned some Top Line HDPE and the 50:50 odyssey was in the zone.  Running right up until GCRC closing time.

Another fun day. Time for maintenance.


  1. every time i check out your work with bodies it makes me want to buy a new one!! that rx-7 looks awesome

    1. haha. Glad to inspire. This one is on it's last legs. cracked and near destroyed. A true practice missile.


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