Friday, June 20, 2014


After a long week, It's good to relax on Fried day / night. 

No matter where we look these days, there's lots of props to give us a scale experience.

While not exactly 1:10 scale, these Tamiya truck accessories add some feel.  

I've been adding some RC barrier sponsor logos to the track with an RC feel. D-Like section with a D-Like RX7... I hope to make a section where you can photograph your cars with matching body or chassis manufacturer.

it will take a while to complete however. Printing a couple of hundred meters of stickers takes a while.
Got an RC-Art White Wolf? There's a section. Got a Street Jam R3R? Theres a sponsor section. Running a Tamiya Bodyshell or VDF? there's a section.  

Overdose? not yet.

But GCRC has some representation of course.

Getting the kink on the straight right is awesome.

There is a definite line to the track that makes it easy and exciting at the same time. To maximise your side by side, I'll be making up some Line maps for Battle.

Got Battle!

Loaned my car for a while.... 

Just a few laps... I almost didn't get it back.

 My "Comp" spec car handles pretty damn well. With a 17.5T motor, You can still generate significant pace.

While GCRC is a big-ish track, it is still a "drift" track. The control tyre compound is in play to keep battles close and the track flowing for all users. This keeps the scale speed that is "right" for the surface and the track. While RWD cars are running a slightly softer compound, this is only so they can maintain a similar speed to the counter-steer cars.

With almost 20 cars on track, I didn't get involved in many bingles as the specified tyres keep speeds relatively the same and the cars spaced out, There were some awesome battles tonight.

If you need space to battle. just pull over and start again. There's always more corners.

Enjoy your battles.


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  1. The size difference between your RX7 and the bigger JZX100 looks perfect in those shots!


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