Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday s-13b-th

The Reaper was out on Friday the 13b-th.

Joined by the NF Spec

And some RWD madness.

GCRC Evolution Circuit is really providing an awesome experience.

Tight running and superb battles.

And a visual feast also.

No matter what you drive.

The Reaper will hunt you down.

 It lurks. and attacks. hahahaha!

Many out tonight.

290mm VIP Cool!

S-Chassis sliders.

Getting some nice slides.

 Needs a wash!

 Like this... FR-D + S14 with awesome detail. Osaka plate Hachi-Yon-Yon-Nana Meihan style.

Relaxing after a hard night.

 GCRC... Evolving.

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