Friday, June 27, 2014

RE-Xtreme Drift Bible - Drift Trains Vs Tandem.

Drift  Trains vs Tandem
What are the keys to a cool successful long running drift train?

1. Line
2. Spacing
3. Patience

Aggression like this above has NO place in a drift train. This is Tsuiso Battle style which is about being as aggressive as possible when running behind.
If you are in a real car. You are not going to be on the super attack knowing that possibility of a spin will have the following car smash into your spinning car.

You are spaced nicely so that everyone can transition at the same time without excessive braking upsetting the flow and balance of cars. Smooth consistent line is the key.
In RC we are unaware of the ramifications at times. Crashes are at most a constant event. Other than not being cool, we don’t care and start again.
So being able to run lap after lap in “close” proximity does NOT mean “minimum possible” proximity.
It’s a contrast to maximum attack and tandem battle runs.


 1. Line.
To lead… Run a line towards the out clip but not right on the out clip.  The followers can adjust behind each car. But whatever line you run, you will ultimately control the train.

Respect the leaders line. He/she is doing their best to set a line that EVERYONE can follow and not crash.

So don't push right to the wall. Just be smooth and most of all try to be consistent. That gives everyone confidence.

I must admit. I am not the best in front of the drift train. My lines are always a little too aggressive. I have to concentrate to change my line and style.

2. Spacing

"Close” proximity does NOT mean “minimum possible” proximity.

In this Battle Post you can see the rear car diving inside the car in front. Above is TOO CLOSE for a drift train. This is Drift Battle. Aggrssive lines and trying your best to get the closest and predict and react with minimum margin for error. NOT good in a drift train.

If three cars do this, the third car will not be able to fall back early enough in most situations. Resulting in crashes or getting off line.

Second position should get close but never too close unless you want to keep your TANDEM as 2 ONLY.
So if a third car wants to tag on, the second place car may not back off. In this case you will upset the balance.

Tripple drift requires exact spacing and silmilar setups. A long train requires a bit of space.

Margin for error is the key here.

Also be prepared for hairpin compression
Hairpin compression occurs when a fast entry joins to a slow corner. You have to be prepared to allow space. 5 cars entering fast into one hairpin don’t fit, so back off a little early if you are back in the pack. and keep the spacing in the corner. This above is about right.

No pressure, Just constant flow.

3. Patience.

If you are patient, you can adjust to the car in front and keep your place in the train.
If you want to jump a place in the train, you will cause a crash.
It’s not about twin battles up and down the train. If you want to battle, get out of the train.
It’s all about constant laps at a “reasonable” proximity.

Re-joining a train should only be done onto the rear only! or ([“LARGE”]) gaps

Crashing - Go to the end and get out of the way. Don’t try to correct, you’ll just crash other people.

The train will look good from the front to the back, so where you are makes no difference. If you have some crashers, you will soon end up at the front again anyway.

So Remember, it’s a drift train… not a race.

There’s plenty of opportunity for tandem in TANDEM, that’s 2 or TWO CARS for battle.

If you want to battle. Then tell people.
If you want a train, then organise it. start line astern and repeat the rules.

It will look cool!

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