Tuesday, March 24, 2015

4 Door Festa Cresta.

 How much bling do we need for a 4 door celebration? JZX100 Overdose Style is a good start.

I borrowed this JZX100 Cresta for the 4 door Festa. Gonna be a great day. With Easter coming soon between now and the 12th of April, I need to get the machine mounted and performing well.

On the screen you can see the entry sticker banner. Many colors will be available as well as some other stickers for additions.

4 door drift style is a little different to the sports cars I usually run, so I pulled out a bunch of chrome rims. I think these M's Racing 5 spokes might get approval ut all the rims I tried look pretty good.

follow the links for more info on the 4 door festa.


For those unfamiliar with the JZX100 models

there are three main varients.

Chaser is available in a distinct base model and also right up to the the more sporty of the 3 including a TRD Tourer V varient. Twin circular headlights and twin circular taillights in the clusters.

Mark II is the luxury mid range car.
Has a wide rear taillight cluster and tripple front headlight cluster with a thin wide chrome surround grille
door frames are thinner.

Cresta is the refined "gentlemans" car.
Larger chrome surround grille. Rear lights are sharply angled and there's a light option that attaches to the trunk to make them wider.

All 3 cars have slightly different bodies but the good engine in these cars is the 1JZ-GTE Turbo Straight six also available in the supra.

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