Sunday, March 1, 2015

S13 Festa Part #2 - S13 & S-Chassis Super Style Session

S13 Festa! Drive till your eyes can't focus!

It was one of those days where you can never get enough.

Battles coming in all forms of Silvia, Onevia and more.

Sometimes the action is thick and fast... you can't focus.

One minute you are on line...

The odd mis-judgement is no problem,  Avoidance is part of rc drift..

But the standard was very high...

I can remember countless laps of fault free driving.

Everyone putting on an endless show.

Machines on the day were all kinds of chassis.

New Overdose tuned DIB very smooth.

DRB, DI B, DPM, JXR, FR-D, FXX, XXX-D, TA-05, R3R, GPX-R, TeamMagic and more...

You never know which is which... A common goal... looking cool!

Going wild!

For Maximum Smooth!

RB26 Battle... You know you have to turn up the wick! RC dream world... You know Koyama-san's prepared RB26 engines are superb!

Balltle on!

Well. I did have the Hyper lemon turned down to 42%.

More than enough on the GCRC slide surface. In line all fine.

I'm way off line here... bringing a follower...

But we can respect the gaps... and usually get away with a speed difference melee.

These guys running hard all day... Pure class. Street Jam Rear Motor conversion is good!

And the yellow team tandem.

Trying hard not to make a mistake when it counts.

Just chillin. it was 30degrees so we all needed breaks. 

but they didn't last long...

Because the action was ON!

RWDs battling.

I had a bunch of fun... these two really firing.

I remembered I had positioned old mate on the fence. But I wondered why i couldn't tag him...

After my photographer... "Cool Hand Luke" showed me this pic... I repositioned the hand.

 But I couldn't get the same position.

others tried... 

But it didn't take long before the Sky-beast took him out completely. I see a spring loaded arm coming soon!

 Next month... is not so far away...  I have a theme in mind... 4 door battles... coming your way!

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