Sunday, March 22, 2015

GCRC Sunday Sensations

Masses of action....

and masses of style. This is GCRC Drift.

Ol' School Skylines.


 VIP Battles.

Silvias and more...


About 4 hours of constant door to door.

Speeds up! Level is high. Concentration is constant.

Cruising is cool. So need more Nikko style.

Laurel cruise.

 But there are breaks in the mayhem!

86 old and new. RWB additions coming.

but more action.

 Sliding by constantly.

New bodies on old team magic chassis.

new bodies on new OTA-Rear Motor.

RWD battles.,

nice and tight!

Beginners with bashers.

One of our members is of the older generation. He has a DIB 275 2.3CS + Gyro... He is improving every day! 

Younger guys pick it up quick.

And this is the target level of RC Drift. Doesn't get much better than this.

Tried some action slide bys.

Full lock High CS machines. 3.8 ish.

 Another new machine hiding beneath.

For me, the day started with my FC3s ... As Clarkson would say "The longest rx7... IN THE WORLD!"

So the rear bumper is no more and I can run my Porsche 944 Rx7 right up to the walls now and stay on a comfortable line.

 Next task is to build a new diffuser for it. Ready for the next Sunday Sensation Session.

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