Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday BASH!

Saturday was a day for slammin'. 

Hulk Hogan has a little connection with Drift. And he was happy to overlook my new bumperless FC Rear End and a few more mods.

The WWF guys have been hanging out at GCRC. 

 Teasing us with flags. they are spring mounted so you can hit em and they look good.

Even the beginners are getting pretty close. 

Sliding past 

you still have to be close. 

Today I added a few "X=transition" markers. and some "/= line" markers. They don't effect grip at all and really help people learn the line of GCRC.

There are many variations to the standard layout. But I want to give everyone a refence to keep the nose off the fence and get the ass back towards the fence. 

We hope to support the whole range of abilities at GCRC. The main track is challenging so learning the line can help those trains develop.

Remember with Easter Weekend coming... GCRC will be open Saturday Only so not much time to get your 4 door machines set up.

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