Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Night Freaks!

Silvia shells still in play. Time to get freaky!

S13 v S14

Super Style Battles!

Locked over and locked on!

Sideways is good!

 Chuck it in!

 I've decided to sell my current Imadoki RWD... so I gave it a final outing under the S14.

Handles well, But I just can't get into the RWD dynamic. I'll try again sometime in the future, but for now, I am still really enjoying the CS style

Even my 1.9CS DRb is close to replicating the RWD imagery.

I had some awesome battles with this RWD Rx7 tonight.

I can adjust this chassis to get more or less angle very simply.

They JUN Hyper lemon S13 looking fine due to these shots from the Cool Hand.

 Unfortunately he has to leave the beast on the sideline while shots are taken.

A few amazing laps with RWD, CS 1.9 and CS 4.0 looking amazing.

I brought a lot more forestation to the track today.

Adding to the scenery.

As everyone slides by.

Of course there's always the odd mistake...

this sees you hammer down to catch the pack...

Or sometimes the pack catches you!

A lot of new guys on track... Welcome to GCRC!

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