Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Sessions - Relaxed Style

Parked up or battling hard... 

There's a lot of fun at GCRC

 CS3.0 in a RWD sandwich.

Followed by a couple of CS machines.

A whole mix of chassis here. FXX, DRb, Dib, JXr, Team magic.

And a whole lot of cool JDM style.

Loving the VIP style... My Setup for the 4 Door festa also suits my FC perfectly.

Luke sharing the photography duties today. So i always make sure I return the favor and capture his PIG in action.

Looking mighty impressive with white Race rims.

Super tourer style.

Rocket Bunny 86 V2 wing removed as it created too much grip on this RWD machine. 

I use the white mark on the front rim for wheel speed reference. Making 4 wd look RWD is pretty easy when you match the rolling wheel speed. 

These two machines are around 3.0:1 Rears spinning, Fronts rolling.

Even with the hammer down, the fronts cruise around nicely.

High speed section slide by.

You can see a couple of additions to the scenery here. GCRC Flag bearers in action.

Sometimes you think you are close, but actually 2cm is pretty far away.

I think Scott and I had endless crash free laps not pushing to the absolute limit. Just enjoying a 1 or 2 car gap.

Although at times we got close for the camera.

Subaru sedan getting dialled in for the 4dr Festa.

 A lot of 3 and 4 way runs today also.

A reverse RWD in a CS sandwich.

Subaru, Mazda 7's and Nissan doing more than a few laps of position swapping.

 My driver looks a little in panic here as he gets the FC a little off line.

 Another great day.

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