Thursday, March 5, 2015

RE-Chassis March Checkpoint

March sees a new direction for RE-Xtreme RC. Lets check the Specs.

RE-Xtreme RC RE-DRb "Typhoon" Spec 2.5 + Tamiya Rocket Bunny Addiction RC 86 SPL

This is my main chassis.

It's done a lot of work... many many hours on track in Japan and in Australia on carpet, epoxy, concrete, ashphalt. Apart from the bulkheads themselves and the rear stabilizer pulley, i think everything else has been changed or replaced.

This was purchased new off the shelf as a late model HT version with the stronger bridge assembly and included a 1.5spool and one way in the box. Parts from the Yokomo DRB SSG Hyper Upgrade have been swapped from other chassis along it's long evolution.

Yokomo screw sets, bearing upgrades, front bumper weight complement the supporting Yokomo Team Suzuki Alloy Arms,CVDs and other small items.

Overdose Chassis Plates add impact, Overdose 8-8 C-Hub front end is superb, Overdose Steering gives a tiny bit extra steering. Overdose Motor and pulley mount is raised 3mm with a custom spacer and the Yokomo bridge is suitably modified for fitment, (note this adds 6mm to the required belt length), Overdose Shock adjusters and seats, Spur Holder, Antenna post, Servo saver and more add the the Full OD image.

40-12 20-33 is about 2.5CS and it's more than enough.  TN-Racing pulleys allow this adjustment without special spacers on the main shaft.

I use RC926 double springs  for more adjust-ability and belts for reliability. 

Active Slow Rebound piston up front with 60w oil. rear has stabiliser and 20w 3 hole piston for soft but fast rebound. 

Keyence Tachyon & Luxon KG 17.5T with Active Hobby End bell accessories. Kawada easy connectors for easy motor swaps. Sanwa SRG BLS Servo and Futaba light switch complete the package.

Battery is 3800 Venom Lipo for central weight balance.
Total de-anodised and polished for total bling. R2 body post set allows easy fitment.

 RE-Xtreme RE-DRB "Samurai" Spec 3.0

Yokomo DIB-R ... Converted to DIB...275 then then Overdose DRB Probably one of the more expensive ways to get to a red DRB.

Similar in many ways to the previous chassis. But this one is slightly more overdosed.

Overdose Decks and including Shock Towers, this one has the full SSG carbon look.
Overdose Steering wipers, Spur Holder, Antenna post, red turnbuckles and more (temporary servo saver in place) Overdose Motor and Pulley mount raised 2.5mm with carbon spacers.

SSG Bridge is modified for fiment and a 1.5x spool is used. Custom 9T and TN Racing 18T Pulley is used.
9T us supported by a idler tensioner.

40-9 18-27 sees about 3.0CS on the scale. I try to use the smallest pinion and largest spur for maximum response.  I like Kawada Spur and pinions.

Front is more sensitive to setup due to the Yokomo V2 front Upgrade, Wun Upper A-Arm, Yokomo front knuckles,

Team bomber front bumper support is light so it can be compemented with weights, 

RC926 Spring and belts. R2 rear arms (yes cheap and worn out already) , overdose turnbuckles, Kazama rear knuckles. 3mm kick up spacers. and Zero FF rear toe.

Shocks are similar to those of the previous chassis. 

Keyence Takyon Airia Boost + Turbo Setting with Chevalier Dash & Luxon KG 17.5T Red cover and  Active end bell. 

R2 Alloy Wheels are used for the 86. Sanwa BLX Sevo. Sanwa MT4s And Venom Short Battery used.

#3 RE-Xtreme RC RE-DRb "Tsunami" Spec 3.1

This machine is for FULL Countersteer ALL the time.  Previously 5.0 CS this machine has been tamed down for easier tandem with other cars of less countersteer.

Lock to lock counter with mainly accelerator controlled driving experience.

Yokomo DRB SSG Hyper Upgrade with modification.

Yokomo V2 front upgrade, Yokomo screw set, bearing upgrade, 1.3 rear Spool

Overdose Chassis Plates, Front bumper weight, Kpi knuckle, Modified Steering wipers, Modified Motor mount with 3mm spacer, Shock adjusters, Spur Holder, Antenna, Servo Saver Type II and more.

The main feature is the Sakura 45T pulley which only just fits... lots of filing to other components. it connects to a custom drilled 9T alloy pulley. This slows front wheel speed dramatically.

The rear is sped up also by a TN-Racing 20T rear pulley to a 33T rear 1.3Spool  for large CS difference.

Normal rear setting for 3.5 degree Toe-in no kick up for stability. 

RC926 Springs and belts. Active Slow Rebound piston front. 

Keyence Tachyon & Luxon KG 7.5T (with about 40% used) with Active and Kawada accessories. Sanwa SRG BLX Servo. 

180sx Body contains Servo for light opening.

Square CVDs,  TN Racing rear universals. Team Suzuki Alloy Rear Arms, 

The red machine is my battle partner...

Body is the 180sx 2x machine.

But the owner has a slightly different style.

For close battles with similar chassis. Previously 4.9 and 5.0 CS.

Both are now 2.9 and 3.0

This machine keeps a lot more Yokomo original heavy duty original components.

But has been cleaned up to bling level. Sakura 43 T is a better Fit with front 9T and rear 15 / 22 combo.

Overdose Chassis Plates complete a very stable DRB.
TN-Racing pulleys, RC926 Springs and belts. Speed Passion Combo, Sanwa Electrics.

JUN "Hyper Lemon" S13 - Option #1 S13 JGTC Silva Body + Custom.

Street, Drift, Race, Drag, Top Speed, Zero-300 trial. 1/4 mile drag. It does it all.

RE-Xtreme RC RE-DRb "Ninja" Spec 1.9 WIP

Plan for this machine is a black anodised high speed DRB but first the balance is getting sorted. 

Yokomo Hyper Bridge Upgrade and Stock DRB chassis is Modified for spur clearance.

This chassis is a development platform for my own design chassis and perhaps a rear motor conversion. 

Lightweight with Yokomo Knuckles. Yokomo Rear Spool 1.5. ABEC Bearing upgrade
Kazama Motor mount.
TN-Racing front pulley

40-12 15-27 makes about 1.9 CS. 

Choices for speed and reliability.

TRF Shocks (long stroke, high ride height, very soft setting for active dive and squat).

Ball differntial option for fast arenas.

Keyence Tachyon & Luxon KG 7.5T. Futaba Servo

Current setup for Option #1 S13 207mm.

Now Selling Drift Master....

Now Selling Imadoki RWD

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