Friday, March 27, 2015

GCRC Friday Festival Battle Action.

Speed, Angle and Style are the Drift requirements.

Some awesome trains tonight and battle after battle..

 And a whole lot of style. Foor Door machines in final tuning.

But you don't get a chance to tune when the action is hot.


Big angle entry.

And big constant angle drift.

Respecting the new shells on track is easy but the owners soon let you know when they want to start to play.

They get closer and closer as confidence builds.

Love the rear of this purple beast... demon eyes in the back

 And angel eyes up front.

But I think the demon eyes take over.

Elvis has entered the building... I added him to the scenery with some spring loaded flags.

Along with a mini Moolman flying the GCRC flag!

The line at GCRC opens up after a few laps. 

After a few few hundred. the line gets wider and wider.

The last S-Chassis event was great... the 4 Door festa is building momentum.

The interstate boys from RC Wonderland, Avoca Drift Shed and other tracks are binging some great goodies.

more 4 door machines appearing everywhere I look.

tuning in among the other battlers. 86 starting to look gigantic beside the slightly smaller scale 4 door machines.

Beginners operating pretty smoothly too. 

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