Friday, March 6, 2015

Yokomo Drift Package Imadoki Rear Drive FOR-SALE.

DPi-R Drift Package Imadoki Conversion Rear Wheel Drive.

Underneath, with help of friends, this RWD imadoki drift package, started as a plastic tub, then received active link suspension and wrapup next FR-D style front end and a host of mods.  Once it all came together performance is awesome.

It's far from stock but upgraded with select items.

The active suspension setup allows chassis roll with or without active camber change. A loose ball diff sits in the rear gear case to transfer power from the 21.5T Keyence Luxon KG. 

It now runs a lot of non-standard items.

I called My chassis the DP-R at the end of 2012 But now I call it the DPi-R with the use of the imadoki chassis plate.

High angle, narrow scrub radius front end for RWD. I have included a slide rack, but the imadoki wipers are honestly good enough.

I'm using the MST gyro, MSt tyres and other items.

Some alloy rear sus mounts have been installed up front and need a couple of sus end balls for the rears alloy sus mount but they are are included. Rear has a loose Ball diff which is very effective.

Gear case is the only outstanding upgrade.
My front gear case is opened to allow for weight to be stored as needed.

These RWD machines are starting to perform better and better
Wheels and  Tyres included.

Yokomo Drift Package SSG Imadoki Conversion.
Imadoki rear tower
SSG Drift Package Upgrade 3 front tower.
Alloy parts are De-Anodised & polished or silver anodised
Alloy Motor mount. De-Anodised
Team Bomber front Bumper Support
Full SS hex screw set.
Wrap Up next V1 Alloy Lower Suspension arms Polished
TN Racing A-Arm Conversion Pins
R2 Ultima Upper A arm Silver
R2 Ultima (Active Hobby copy Slide rack) Silver
Yokomo Suspension mounts (currently front fitted only) De-Anodised
Kazama DRB modified Front Knuckles Silver  (adjustable KPI OK!)
Yokomo DRB Rear Knuckles De-Anodised
 Overdose Servo Saver
 Overdose Antenna post
Active Hobby rear link Suspension.... AWESOME!
Metal brake disks, 

Rear Ball Differential Gearset
Overdose Rear CVD
DRB front bumper support
Yokomo DRB Shock Set
RC926 Spring Set
De-Anodised Velcro Body Mount Set

MST Tyre Set.
Perfect for platform for RWD.
MST Gyro included.

Motor and Servo not included.
Spares,  tyres and 20mm rim included.

Price $550 AUD + Ship

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