Friday, March 13, 2015

Finding the balance.

What you see here are two machines balanced and tuned for tandem. No competition, Just fun tandem.Lead or follow, balance is the key.

It certainly helps when you have a similar setup.

Body... 86 with simlar aero including rear GT wing.
Chassis .  Full Alloy CS 2.5x 4wd.  Front Mid, lateral battery.
Our cars are Full tune Polished Yokomo DRB and Full tune Polished En Route JXR
Motor 10.5T
Battery 4000mah
Weight balance (within a few grams.)
Rear camber (near Zero) front camber (7-13)
Tyre  MST 45 Degree
Wheel Top Line 5 Spoke Drift Fighter.

When presented with a super wide layout like this, there is margin for error... Or is there?

Milenium raceway used to run touring car and pan car on this track but now it's their beginner track ... We make it our own style... it becomes a reasonably fast (but scale) D1 style course.

Yes there are beginners on track... About 10 kids last night, But they don't seem to interrupt us too much. 
Because we operate right at the limit of the track and we have enough skill to avoid them 98% of the time.

It may seem pretty boring when presented with this wide expanse... But when you are still getting your cars within a constant car length of each other, things still get pretty intense.

I think we run about 3 hours trying for that perfectest of the perfectest drift perfectionist perfect style.
Did we achieve it?... I don't know... there's always that super minor correction or power balance or line balance. But there are certainly those laps where you have to smile and say...

That was freaking awesome!  We are pretty good!

Next visit is scheduled for Friday April 10. About once a month is the plan. It is pretty hard on the cars using full throttle a high % of the lap. So maintenance is also important here.

Now I always bring a second car...

I had to raise the body about 5mm to operate on the bumpy carpet. And also stiffen the rear a lot... I had forgotten how different carpet can be.

Personally, I am not a fan of the type of carpet at Milennium. You can see the carpet is wearing out from running tyres that are very aggressive. Regulars are totally into the speed. It's another style that's not bad... it's just a different philosophy. This small track used to have a tight design, but a decent flow... now it has become another high speed track.

The third track I didn't picture... It is truely a "racetrack". Flat out 90% of the lap. Even with long sweepers the side by side time is low and the lap time is about 15 seconds. That's about 1/2 of the beginner concrete track.

In many ways Rear wheel drive cars that work well with more grip are creating a chase for speed.

6.5T Motors + MST Red dots with RWD on Carpet! If you like maximum speed RC drift. You should definitely try this track. Just bring your reflexes and prepare for impact.

There are all kinds of drifters and all kinds of styles...  Gotta find what you like.

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