Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RE-Xtreme Rocket Bunny Style

Lets take a close look at the differences in 86 method.

Both cars are Tamiya 86 + Addiction RC Rocket Bunny ZN6 Areo

This is the Version II with bird / raptor look front bumper.  

Miura's design is a very different look

On my Version 1, I kept the original Tamiya front bar. Cut and shut on the Addiction front bar is not an easy operation. But even so, the Version 1 bar doesn't offer much except for the side light replacement and removal of the number plate.

What I have done to my V1 is lower the body a LOT!

I have removed 3 mm under the bumper to allow the front splitter to sit more realistically.

This theme has carried on throughout leaving the rear about 5mm lower also.

Look at the height of the lights and you will notice the difference

And with the rear duck tail removed the overall body height becomes apparent

Repositioned rear diffuser and trimmed lower valance allows the super low position.

Side skirts are also raised slightly. one bad point is the rubbing on the inside of the rear guards... But it adds to the beaten D1 effect.

Handling is altogether different as aero-effects in play from a number of rear end changes.. lack of duck tail to feed the rear wing creates a serious lack of rear end downforce.  no end plates and lower side profile also allows the car to slide a lot further sideways than the other higher machine. 

You might thing the 86 looks small... but put it beside this R32 with extended widebody and you can see how big it really is.

Front width and overhang on the 32 is actually very similar with the rear is much narrower.

GTR owner was my photographer for some action shots.

Ive actually targeted stability with the 86... With many RWD machines on track... I'm matching the image of RWD quite well.

Tonight's battles with RWD were very impressive.

Gripping up the front of the car helping in this regard.

I could actually get a lot more angle, but RWD doesn't actually get as far sideways as our CS 3+ machines.

I am limited on this particular chassis by Overdose C-Hubs for wheel angle.

But I don't really need more than 50 degrees on this one.

CS battles are also superb.

Loving the 86.

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